Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 02, 2007

We've got Jairo "Come Pan" with the surf report for today out here at Maderas. It's chest to head high on sets and the wind is offshore. Check it out

Today this guy made it on NSR. His name is Dave "El Moreno". Here he is riding agood looking left.

This is Luis "La Baloy" Chamorro getting air as alway. He was scoring great waves today.

What about Jamil "El Coki" Brox was getting into the action today too. Here he is with a sick maneuver nice dude!!!

This guy was paddling out today. His name is Alfredo "El Freddy" from Euskadi. Here he is going left. This guy is so stoked because he made it on NSR too.

Everybody was ripping it out today. Here is Unknow riding with a sweet shot. Keep trying buddy!!!

All right guys that is all for today. stay turned with us tomorrow.

Hi guys, this is just in, we want you to be part of this. Today we are taking the Diry Sanchez and El Burro all the way up at NORTH to explore around and hopefully you are going to see some brand new waves. Here is a shot at the bay this morning about 5:30 am.

Calente and me "Lucha Libre" drove from San Juan del Sur and we make some stop around and took some great shot like this on. I love Nicaragua, this is my country!!!

Otherwise out there in the water the Dirty Sanchez was killing it. Codo, El Monito and Pancho scored some fish and we are going to have a good dinner tonight.

At the end of the day we stop by Las Penitas to take a rest and keep our trip going tomorrow, so stay tuned with us.