Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 30, 2012

Hola amigos, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with your Friday surf report.  The waves were still small but looking pretty fun and killable.  Chest high waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and sweet water.  Check it out!

We had a few locals out there and they were ripping all over the place.  Here we caught this one with a sick floater.

The waves were small but super fun.  Take a look at the scene from further down the beach.

Kevin came over and he was taking some nice ones.  Check him out going big with a cool floater.

The NSR Surf School took advantage of the conditions and headed out with a nice crew from Utah.  El Codo Lopez doing some beach instruction.

Julie with a solid stand up on a sweet peeler.  First time out there surfing, and she did great.

Mike did really good as well in his second time in the ocean.  It is not bad for having a knee surgery.  Well done Mike!

Agger killed it all day long and she ended up taking some nice waves by herself.  It was amazing to see this girl out there in her first day out ever, riding some sick ones.

El Codo and our new friends keeping a good memory.  It was nice to meeting you guys, take care and see you guys next year.

Alright folks, thats all for today.  The waves are still looking about the same for the next few days, so please check back  with us and find out what we get for you tomorrow.