Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 28, 2016

Hello amigos!!!. We have good waves all day no to big, but are coming super constantly with good shape. The low tide and the high tide are good.Check it out.

Katy was the best surfer in the water. She was dropping some of the best waves, just check this wave.

Katy was charging today. I see her have so many wipeout this year, but I think she pass this step.

In the afternoon there are only a few surfers in the water. This surfer was looking for a barrel in his left. He made one in the first try and after he missing the next waves.

We have so good offshore wind right now. I see the waves right now and there are super nice!!!.

Here Oscar is in the hot spot of this wave. Do you think he can landing this trick.

Yes he did. I post this to you can see how the locals never lose the chance to made a good trick, doesn't' matter if the wave gonna closing up...

Or go higher and big in every single wave. Some people like to surf really calm, but I like the way to be explosive in the waves.

All the surfers in the line up have a chance to made of three to more tricks in every wave. The direction of the swell is making all the waves break perfect, this is really goood.

This part of the wave was the favorite place to try airs, lay back and others trick. This man try a air. he didn't land the trick, but was a good try for him.

Ok. The really ripper of today was Oscar. This lay back was very horizontal.

Nacho Libre have his moment too. Check his power turn.

Ok. mis amigos. was good to have this fun waves today. We are happy to have some tubitos and perfect waves. Hopefully tomorrow we still having lucky. Armando lopez is out.