Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy thanksgiving day everyone.  Just another day of small waves in Nicaragua, the winds were nice offshore and the water was amazing.  Check out the lineup!

The size didn't stop the boys and they were shredding still.  Still wondering how do they do it?

Cole working on his backside.  One of the better sets of the day!

It was a perfect day to go diving.  Lobster anyone?

Meanwhile,the boys kept ripping.  Enjoy the view on this one. What a beautiful day, we are just praying for bigger waves.

Nolan was ripping hard on the small ones.  About to throw the lip off the back.

We took a break and went to Rancho del Mar to enjoy the pool.  The kids got a little crazy as you can see.  It was all about having a good time, for sure!

Take a big panga out, was the best call today.  Yeahhh buddy!

We finished the day with a sweet ping pong tournament at our surf shop.  Expecting to see a new pulse in the water tonight.  Hoping to score some sick ones tomorrow!