Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 24, 2022

Hey everyone welcome back to the surf report today we got a little something special a nice thanks giving 7th Annual Chompipe surf contest hosted by Dan Springfield so big thanks to him and he family. Also a great day for some big waves out there in Panga Drops everyone out there having fun we got the girls out there and the kids and of course the guys just out there shredding some waves. Yeeeaaaaaahhhh!!! big thanks to Dan and everyone that helped out to get this done so thankful for you guys ! Oh and Happy Thanksgiving !

Early on in the day there was the sr men out in the waves and doc Steve out there catching some good ones

Then we had the Women short board and Paula out there shredding it !

Here we got most of the other contestant for the Women's short board lots of fun out there.

Then we got the Men's out here just killing it out there! Woop woop!!

Rob out there catching some great waves showing off his moves!

here we got the Springfield brothers getting ready to get in there and get on some nice waves down here in Panga Drops

These next ones are of John out there catching some great waves of the day!

Look at that !!

Anyways Thanks to everyone that helped out once again and let everyone be thankful for this amazing thanksgiving and i hope you guys celebrate and be thankful for everyone around you and i will see you in the next one. Challenge: Just say a few things that you are thankful for and go thank someone that has been there for you just to spread some love and joy. Have a great day!!! :)