Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hey guys! Kevin here with the surf report for Wednesday! The swell finally came in today, and although conditions varied a bit throughout the day there were definitely a couple of nice windows to take advantage of! Lets get to it!

Note:  If any of you guys saw me out there swimming in the water today, and were interested in getting some of your photos, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] !

At first light, the tide was too full so the waves weren't coming in properly. However, once the tide hit the sweet spot, a bunch of fun little runners started coming through! One pictured here:

It was a bit shifty out there, but there were some fun rights and lefts today. The sets in particular were really nice. This guy was sitting out the back waiting on one of the sets. He knew what was up

Like I said, perfect glass.

Sometimes the sets were closing out, but the majority of the waves were coming in and offering a nice little shoulder. You can see the nice bowl ripe for a hack here.

One of the little insiders that escaped the crowd...

One of our guests at Iguanas, Jason, taking advantage of the fun little runners. One of the things about being a water photographer, getting sprayed is inevitable.

The levels of stoke were high this morning.

This dude came all the way from Australia! Every single insider that came through this guy was on. It's like every Australian is given a birth certificate and a surfboard at birth.

With the swell came a bit of some inclement weather. Although the morning was glassy, at about mid day a weather system came through and the winds switched up. The clouds looked beautiful as they came in.

The afternoon session brought more size, but the winds became a bit suspect. Still, despite a little wind the waves were definitely still rippable. If you've been anywhere near the beach in the last few days you've probably noticed a crew of Argentinian surfers absolutely shredding. Nothing new here.

Another bomb!


Here's another Iguanas guest! He was trying out one of our NSR shop rental boards, one of those new Slater designs - 4 inches shorter than he normally rides.

Seems to be working out just fine!

Feel free to stop by the NSR surf shop if you want to try out one of these boards for yourself!

Not sure who this was.... but she was crushing it!!!


She was one of those surfers that just seems to be doing laps around you

A couple of the local kids were out today. Theres a Thanksgiving surf contest tomorrow so a lot of the locals were out polishing off their skills

This guy in particular I always see him in the lineup. I love his style. He not only shreds, but he surfs with such feeling I love it.

This guy was out there with his son. His son is 10. There were some head high, head high plus sets... so for his son it must have been about double to triple over head. Still, his son was catching some waves! Very impressive. Family surf sesh, such a cool sight to see!

Such diversity out in the lineup today. This guy was from Spain.

This guy is from Canada...  Lovin the vibes in this one.  

This guy is originally from Dubai! Come a long way from surfing a wave pool!

Quick break from the surf pics!  This photo was taken this morning!  

This is Jon Rose, from Waves for Water, and his girlfriend Loriann, and a member of the Surfari crew.  Surfari Charters is one of the most experienced surf and fishing charters in the area!  If you want to go on a fishing or surf trip, and grab a special fish like this one, these are the guys to call!

Lot of action, even outside of the surf today! The gang of groms staying at Iguanas decided to go horseback riding today instead of surfing!

Steep drop! He basically airdropped this one!

Right towards the end of the session, the daily flight into Costa Esmeralda, the new airport, came by.

In case you guys didn't know, there's an airport just 5 minutes from Iguanas with daily flights to Costa Rica. Instead of going through Managua next time, you can just go through Costa Esmeralda. In any case, thanks for watching guys! See you guys again in a couple of days!