Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hi there!!!!. We have a black tuesday!!!. The swell never say 0-1 in the history until today. Well, the high tide not have waves at all and the low tide have just this peak with some little baby waves. Check it out...

There are just two surfer in the water. Broc from Cali was ripping in a funboard. Check it out.

In this time Broc is coming in back side looking to make a trick. Will see how he made,,..

Here he is vertical in the half of the trick. Times to turn,,...

Bang!!!!!!, the water in the air say how good was this hit. Looks good braaa!!!!.

Broc end the trick very well, we have waves coming small, but with energy. That means the high tide could have fun waves.

There are three small waves in the set. The first one and the second are the best. Here is the next waves after Broc finish his wave. The surfer going left was the other surfer in the line up.

This right is good here and everywhere in the world, so I feel like I want to go surf after work. We can ride this wave with shortboard and I feel the ocean coming with energy in this tide.

Broc is taking another wave,,,... The offshore wind is strong in the afternoon everyday, but is helping to the right to open even if is a small wave.

Yeah!!! Meeeeeee!!!. Nice little shack for this surf session. He come out after a few waves and I think was happy and this is all what matter.

Ok. Some small shack still rolling without surfer, so I need to go,,, Have a great week, see ya tomorrow.

And remember !!!tomorrow is the presentations of the Frio movie. we need to see the experience of this two surfers in the very very cold water,,,...