Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 21, 2016

Hello there!!!. I think this is the smaller day of this year. There are some waves in the low tide. The sets are coming every fivetten minutes, but the three to four waves are working perfect. Check today surf session.

The oldest local don't want to surf, so the grown we're killing the waves. To this time of the year all the kids surf every day because the waves are friendly.

Rayan was teaching to surf and catching some waves too. Here he is riding one small wave of the best peak working in the afternoon.

Here is the student in her first wave. Is time to stand up!!!!...

Yeah!!!! she made in the first try.... Good teacher !!!, good student.

Michael Doan arrive five minutes ago and is already taking a wave. Some tubitos to start the vacation.

Oh!!!. Almost a tube!!!. But he was dizzy and fall, Head first!!!!. Hahahahaha.

The biggest waves were just a feet high... We were surfing some good waves in the end of the afternoon the last few days. Hopefully today the high tide have some fun waves again.

The grown are learning to fast. This young surfer have less than one year of learn and is making some airs already.

Here is another grown trying a air. The are young and fast, so they can do to many tricks in this waves conditions. We were like them some years ago!!!...

One of the peak have good rights, but this have a left with good form. Just one surfer was there riding a twin fins.

A fisherman was in the short break. This is how to jumping in case a wave come. Check it out.

Easy!!!. He don't lose the nice hat and sunglasses... And is ready for another try,...

There are a lot of families with their kids in vacations. I see some woods ( branch ) three days ago in this spot and now this kids make a mansion in a day. Looks so luxury....

Ok. Is time to go home. We are waiting for a swell in the next days. If you don't want to surf in the sunset time come to play volleyball in the beach club. Armando Lopez is going there!!...