Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 21, 2011

What is up folks?  Lucha Libre is here with the Monday surf report.  Today I drove up north to see what was going on up there.  I found some fun surf and a few people was out in the lineup.  Chest to shoulder high sets were rolling and the winds were a little bit stronge offshore.  Check it out. 

The tide was kinda low but nobody out there was worried to get suck by the currents and get pounded on some of the bigger sets.  Nice looking right rolling in by itself.

This uknown ripper was killing it right before dark.  From sick frontside turns to nasty backside snaps up and down the beach.  Here he is setting up to throw some buckets on this one.

We had a few racy ones to have fun on.  Ready to get covered!!!

Better hurry my friend or you are going to miss all the action.  Waxing your board on the beach might take you a long time, paddled out and do it in the water. 

One last action shot for our daily report.  Unknown rider working on his backside drop to pull into this right hander.

I walked around with my camera to find a nice spot to shot from, right before sunset.  Do you want to come to paradise?  Make sure to contact us and we will set you up!!!

Gust was also walking around, but he didn't have any camera on.  Nice shirt my friend!

And the postcard shot of the day is last.  Please check back tomorow!