Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 20, 2021

We made it to the weekend! It is Saturday and we got some beautiful weather after a little rainy evening last night. The surf has decreased in size a bit but there were still some super fun waves at low tide this morning. Come check it out!

Barry has been staying with us beachfront for a week or so and today unfortunately is his last day with us, here he is getting a wave on the last session of the trip. Yeewww

You can see some whitecaps in the background as we have had some stronger winds as of late, still offshore but blowing with a bit more force. Luckily for us the face of the wave still looking nice and clean.

Nice glassy wave faces ready to be shredded like old documents going in the paper shredder.

Is that Channer!? Yeah buddy always surfing like a Boss!

Some good conditions for a surf lesson as well like these three ladies that were getting in a quick lesson on the sand before venturing out into the waves and catching some.

We also had the National Team of Nicaragua player come to do some V-Ball lessons this morning and you can see the players working through some drills. Can you dig it??

Ryan and Alex with the baby, safe to say this kid is gonna be an absolute ripper when he grows up.

Before jumping on the V-Ball court to run some drills this was Baldo on the LB on that lean back steez yeah buddy!!

The Godfather of SurfNSR, owner operator and all around amazing dude Bryan working some rail game on some of the waist high waves from the low tide this morning.

Yuji surfing twice as hard out there as he has got to make up the slack that his out of town brother has left behind and Yuji has been picking up the slack keeping the stoke levels high for the fam.

Should be a fun day of waves all day today, not big and scary but also not small and boring.. these are the Goldilocks daze of surfing in the in between range where everybody can have fun out there.

Or for those of us not surfing just a beautiful day at the beach is enough to bring a smile to our faces. These pretty girls know what I'm talking about as they were enjoying hanging at the beach, watching the surf, and having an impromptu photo session. Keep smiling it looks good on you.

Okay ya'll thank you for swinging by and checking out some surf and lifestyle from us here at SurfNSR. Always a pleasure to bring you a little appetizer of life here on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. We will be back with more for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. Until then.. Peace and Love :)