Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Well, today we checked out the waves super early but it wasn't happening so we waited for a little more than an hour and this was the result.  Head high sets, sweet offshore winds and crazy beautiful water.  Check it out!!!

The waves turned on and there were lots of nice ones rolling in.  Anyone wants to go left?

A couple of locals made it out and they scored some of the better waves of the day.  Oscarito going backside!

And now going frontside.  Perfect size for the little guy!

Lenin Tapita de Achote made it out as well and he got pitted a couple times.  Getting some shade!

Esteban El Bato Loco was ripping some nice ramps in the inside section.  Yeahhh buddy!

Chocoyito Zapoyol was also getting some nice barrels.  Way to go Chabalo loco!

Everyone out there was getting shacked or ripping all over the place.  Did I say ripping?

Simoncito El Baron de la Salsa con Yuca had the day off today and he took advantage on that.  Check him out with this cool little sequence!

Shot 2, setting up!

Getting deep!

Shot 4, and deeper!

Are you still there Salson??

Ummm, he tried to doggie door it but he got exploded!

Regular and goofy footers were having a blast today.  Sick little jewels all over the place to be taken.

Brian was ripping as always.  Setting up for a sick turn!

Hacking it!

And all the way around.  That's a sick turn fella!

How about a monster floater?  Sick one pal!

Sean enjoying the inside little barrel section.  Say hi to the camera!

Peaks all over the place and no many takers. These waves are missing Pancho Sanchez, Hot Carl and Borrador!

How about one last but short little sequence?  Gettin' in the hot spot!

Shot 2, enjoying the view!

Shot 3, a couple of shots later still going and he made it out for sure!

That's all for today folks, please check back tomorrow!