Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hello fellas!!!. We were surf in the morning and the waves were good. We were waiting for the low tide to see if the waves are more hole and this is what we have. Check it out.

We no have any swell, so this is how are the waves. The little waves still having pure Nica DNA.

This man was one of the people checking the waves in the noon. This right just start working when I arrive to the beach.

Some surfers start arriving, because it's time to surf!!!!. No there are a bunch of swell like yesterday, but the few wave to come were super fun.

This right was the best wave working and all the surfers were there trying to get a barrel. To this moment just two surfers were in the water.

The best waves of the afternoon looks like this one. We still having four feet in the water and how we were expecting the waves were more hole.

When Lester see all the waves working, he take his surfboard and start running to catch a wave. This was his first wave. Not kidding.

And this was the first wave of Maycol. We are entraining him to be one of the best surfer of this surf spot.

The right was short, but with a goog door to go out of the barrel and the left was more longer, so the are a chance of closing. This peak was working in the high tide too. i get a barrel today overthere.

There are another left working in front the river mouth. Was hole and empty. People was consentrade in just one peak.

Katty was getting some of the nice waves in this right. The shape of every wave was perfect in this right.

I can believe the rest of the people in the beach don't see this wave working with out people. I think the rest of the afternoon will be better and better, so be ready to hit this peak.

Ohhhh!!!. Agaaaaiiiiinnnn!!!!. Check that barrel!!!!. : 0

Well. Maycol may his surf day done after have a barrel in left and right. Good bro. he was less than an hour and he already got two nice waves.

And I want to say thanks to all the good people is working to made of this place a nice place to live. Mr. Dan Sprinfiels for organising and thanks Pily and bruno to buyed the beutifull new balleybay court.

Oooh!!! I hope still good when I come back to surf. The next day the swell is small so take every wave you see.

If you don't want to surf early tomorrow because its sunday. Go to Magnific Rock and enjoy the Circus and the after party. See ya there!!. Armando Lopez is out.

What is kevin thinking in this moment?. Probably nothing, his brain does not know how surf cold water and this is why he was flying in the canadian waves, but the cool water frozen his brain.