Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 19, 2015

Que tal primos!? Welcome back to the surf report with NSR and Parker. We surfed awesome leftovers today so keep scrolling down!

The mid morning brought fun tubes around shoulder high. Roberto, el buchon, took advantage and locked in.

The middle peak was working very well at mid tide. It produced frequent rights and sets of head high!

Although, Lesther snagged a nice left. He blew the lip off and hid from the camera behind the explosion.

However, he was less shy on other waves. Keep pushing yourself to new heights amigo!

Everybody loves to beach and likes to surf here. Naturally, all eyes were on the deck to watch the window of firing waves.

You know how it is when your boss returns... lock your phone screen to hide Facebook, grab papers to look busy, or minimize our surf report page. At NSR, a returning boss means go surf!!!

Carl was so stoked to get in the water after traveling for a month. It's good to have you back!

Esteban also recently returned from his vacation. When he isn't serving magical drinks at Pili's Tiki Bar, he spends the day tucked into tubes.

Armando locked into a long right "all the way to Costa Rica." He told me that you can measure how good your day off was by how many frontside waves you catch.

Like many other locals, he has been pushing himself to improve. However, he has it tough when he the biggest and strongest (cough cough second strongest) guy in Iguana.

The wind was very calm this morning. Mid way through the session, a light side/onshore breeze picked up. Regardless, the peaks were fun and there was still power behind the waves.

It seems like everybody else is enjoying their day on a frontside wave. DJ nonchalantly smashing the lip.

Gerado Antonio is a very talented photographer. Look for his smiling face, goob vibes, and diesel camera gear.

Look at Lesther's power and form. That guy knows how to rip the wave apart (again and again).

As the tide dropped, a few left drainers rolled through. Foamy and sandy, but still a nice tube!

Here's one last open blue face to drool over... Don't worry though, the weekend is almost here and then another long Thanksgiving weekend after!

Ok ladies and gents, the tide will be bottoming out soon so get ready to head back out there! Thank you all for checking the report today. Adios amigos!