Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hola chicos y chicas.  This is Lucha Libre Garcia with a quick update for our Saturday surf report.  This morning we headed out to Playa Maderas to have on the small waves and we did.  The waves were running about waist to chest high on the bigger sets, the winds were nice offshore, the crowd was mellow and the water was fresh.  Check out the lineup!

The waves were small but super fun and we do even have to talk about the form.  This is Felipe "EL Pipe" Chompipe racing down the line of this nice looking left.

Bunch of international people made it to the beach but the lineup was commanded by the local kids.  Welcome to Nicaragua folks!

Did we mention that the lineup was commanded by the local rippers?  This is Juan "La Gargola" Carlos attacking the inside section.

The conditions were perfect to take the big boards out and that is exactly what our very good friend Corage did.  Check him out working on his nose ride style.

Kervin "The grouper"  made it out today and scored some nice ones on his funboard.  Here he is caught on this shot charging a nice right.

Today I went out for a swim and took the water housing with me, to see what happen.  A couple of shots came out kinda cool.  This is La Baloy Chamorro with a small but sweet floater.

This unknown rider was one of the very few international surfers we had out there.  Nabbing a nice right hander.

La Baloy Chamorro on the last shot of the day, this one looking from the back.  You can see Villa Pinolera on this shot, far back on the left.  One of our many sick rental places we have available for you.  Please check back tomorrow.

What's up y'all. This is El Carlisimo comin' atcha with the an update from up north. While Roberto headed out to the beach to catch the surf action this morning Pancho and I took advantage of an invitation from our homies at Surfari Charters to jump on the Va Pue and go hunting.

This was the scene at the launch as we ditched the office to take a stroll to the supermarket.

The water was warm, clear, and the supermarket bountiful to the extreme. This is just some of what the boys were able to load into the shopping cart for dinner. Check the monster that Gibson was able to reign in, but only after fighting him out of the deep hole the fish had lodged himself in.

The birds swarmed as the catch was cleaned. Big shouts out to Surfari Charters' Captain Lance Moss and Jeff Soderlind for showing us a great time. Thanks fellas. Congrats too to Jeff and Karina, whose engagement we celebrated with surf, bbq and disco last night.