Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thursdaze in Nica and we got some more waves :) Tony Z on a low tide set wave shredding the gnar gnar and checking in to the Green Room resort and spa haha.. Come check it out!

Big Scott was the only guy out when I got to the beach at the dead low tide.. it didn't take long for the lineup to fill in around him.

The lineup filling out was just about 10 guys total though so I guess not very full and who doesn't love a semi-empty lineup?!

The size is down just slightly from yesterday but there are still some really fun waves out there and the water got a bit warmer from yesterday too which must have had some cold undercurrent.

Have the birds all migrated South already? Get away from those cold winters and fly on down to enjoy some beautiful beach weather year round!

Tony flaunting that peacock train with that sick spray off the lip! Yeah buddy!

Not sure who this shredder dude is but he was getting waves left and right making it look easy & breazy.

Bam! Launching into the sky too at least a meter above the lip on this one meter wave.

Of course one of the local boys is gonna find a gem as soon as he paddles out, Jeison got this one just as I was getting ready to take off.. and yes he came zooming out of this one.

Okay ya'll thank you for coming by and checking out the surf report today! It was a pleasure to shoot and share with you some shots of the day. Have a great day and remember there is a Lunar Eclipse happening tonight so get out there and check it out. If you wanna know what time just Google it. Cheers!