Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 18, 2005

Oh no, here we go again with onshore winds. Man, we'll be glad when hurricane season is finally over. We've got a fun sized swell running today, but the conditions aren't so good. This is Playa Santana.

We caught some fun ones, all things considered, but the real name of the game today was "Fiesta". Yes, today Mr. Brown celebrated his 35th with a shindig fit for a king. Here is the fam.

No detail was left unplanned for this occasion - this is 30 lbs of wahoo steaks from Lance's and Jeff's catch yesterday. Thanks Lance and Jeff!

Plenty of drinks were had with the open bar - Here is the recipe for a Nica Especial, the drink of choice for Mr. Brown.

Happy Birthday was sung twice - once in Canadian...

...and again in Spanish (at least I think it was Happy Birthday) Check out the Birthday Cake, complete with 35 candles!

And the party went on until the wee hours of the night and climaxed with a 30 minute display of fireworks (you see, there are advantages to being close with communist China)

Mr. Brown has a lot to be happy about this year having convinced his wife and two children to make the move to Nicaragua so he could surf everyday. Congrats Mr. Brown, you are a hero to us all - We're looking forward to the repeat next year!