Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hola amigos and welcome to the NSR report! This is Hotstick Hannahs logging in to show you some fun morning shots. Check them out primos!

We woke up a fresh minor pulse! The forecasts predicted a little something but this was way better than what Surfline said!

And an unknown tube rider reaped the benefits... slotted!!!

The size wasn't amazing nor was it very hollow. If you were escaping, you had to squeeze or punch yourself out.

The rights were running and showing some barrel sections. On the other side of the beach, the lefts were rippable. Check them out!

Bammm!!! Rodrigo showed off a sick top turn and destroyed the wave!

He was making the sections and punishing the lips multiple times per wave. Nice to meet you bro and safe travels back to Rio!

As for me, you can have the lefts... I'll take the rights!!

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We have some other cool news to share too. On Wednesday November 23rd, Kevin Cortez and Jackson Obanddo's Frio film is premiering at El Camino in Gigante. It's free so definitely come for the movie (starting at 8pm) then hang out for Open Mic afterwards. Come support two of Nicaragua's best rippers!!

Back in the water, John sees something out the back. No need for us to paddle into position- he already has his sights locked.

Every morning, he paddles out to enjoy what Neptune sends. Keep your expectations low and your smiles high so you can enjoy every morning in NICA Land like him.

Some of the waves were rippable and were not barreling. Check out how this surfista managed.

What's better? Seeing the deep blue water out the back or watching the buckets of white spray blown off the lip?

Full extention!! Maybe he has some Clay Marzo in him. Because this guy stuck the cutback...

This current pulse is peaky and short period. However, a few steamrollers still came through.

And the result was picture perfect!! Too bad those waves were too stretched out and tough to make.

Ok chicos and chicas, I highly recommend getting an afternoon session in. Thank you guys for checking out the report today and happy (almost) Friday!! Pasa una buena tarde amigos!!