Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Carl NSR

1 week away. Join us for the Tola premier of the new surf movie starring Nicaraguan Surf Embassadors Kevin Cortez and Jackson Obando.

When: Wednesday, November 23
Where: Camino de Gigante Hostel, Gigante, Tola
What time: 8pm
How much: Free
Open mic night is afterwards so stay and enjoy the music.

Hello everybody! This is Parker welcoming you to the NSR surf report. Click read more to check out our shots!

Guessss what dayyyyy it is!!! As for NICA Land, it's another gorgeous one.

The ocean is still pretty small so I knew I'd find a wave at the magnet. Sets clocked in around chest or shoulder high.

Because this surfer was skating and turning all over the wave, I thought he was on a shortboard. I zoomed in to find out he's a longboarder!!

Bammm!!! He was laying into his turns and blowing buckets out the back.

Have you been checking out the super moon at night?! It's been beautiful and clear here. Due to the huge moon and extreme tides, the rocks were very exposed this morning. Remember, it's normally deep here but it isn't sand!

Another side effect from a huge moon are tons of fish. Matt Wood and Hayden Bell were checking spots, diving, and filling the cooler with tons of pelagics (snapper and macks for sure and maybe a roster or snook too).

Meanwhile, others were enjoying the beach. Some girls were practicing yoga and meditating while familes were playing with the kids and dogs.

Back in the water, it's still small but really rippable. Being from the East Coast, I was surprised to find out what "flat conditions" really are in Nicaragua... If you want consistent surf, look no farther than that "vacation rental" tab.

I saw a kneeboarder picking off a few rights this morning. Brom, rights were on tap this morning!! Get down here soon bro!

At the same time, some of the lefts walled up and ran to the beach. Stay on the lookout and keep your eyes peeled to ensure you see where the wave is going!

November is one of the most beautiful months: blue water, light winds, and sunny skies.... Just in time for a lunch break surf!!

There should be a minor swell filling in around Thanksgiving. Until then, we'll keep enjoying the rollers provided here.

Ok damas and caballeros, it's about time to paddle out for a few minutes! Thank you for checking out the surf report and stay tuned for some more action. Te veo en la agua pronto amigos!!