Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Morning everyone! This is Kevin, your new surf report photog (on Wednesdays at least!) and new guest services coordinator. I've been around the world following the surf, but there's something about Nica which keeps me coming back! In any case, if you guys need any help with booking surf trips, booking a photographer, had some questions about the surf and where to go, or just wanted to say hi, feel free to contact me! Otherwise, lets get to it!

Things started off a bit slow today. The swell definitely dropped a bit in size this morning, but there were still some fun walls to be shredded.

The lineup was pretty empty this morning. Aside from a couple of guests from Iguanas, most of the lineup was comprised of a couple of surfers who jumped off a boat and paddled into the lineup. This wave, for example went completely unridden. There were a few of these gems throughout the morning.

There were a couple of corners out there. This guy was taking advantage of that empty lineup. Nice form on that bottom turn.

Another fun little runner.

Even though conditions got funky at times, it looked like the best waves still went unridden. Or maybe it was just my view from the beach? This guy seemed totally uninterested in this little gem.

These guys must have been thinking the same thing. The judging panel looks displeased.

The locals at least weren't missing a beat. There weren't many barrels, but people were making do with what was available. Nice wall, nice hack.

As the tide started coming up, some more walls started opening up. A visitor from Argentina takes a backhand swipe at a nice one here.

With the tide, the sandbar by the river mouth started producing a fun little left. Even though the wave was little fat, the wind was good, and the walls were long. The crowd here eyeing the possibilities.

Our Argentinian surfer here was ripping! With the higher tide, the waves started holding up a little more and started producing some ramps. Creativity can go a long way sometimes. If all else fails, boost.

I wasn't the only photographer out there this morning. These guys were friends of the Argentinian surfer. They were chatting and looking away but when their friend busted that air their eyes became glued to the camera screen!

I wasn't the only one who noticed conditions improving. The local crew came out as the tide started coming up. It's always a good sign when the locals paddle out.

Making it look easy!

Iguana locals noticed the change too. Perfect form.

He was riding a single fin here! Impressive.

Impromptu board meeting.

Even though it was a bit cloudy today, the colors in the sky were beautiful this morning. Thanks for checking the report today guys, stay tuned for more tomorrow!