Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hello amigos!!!. We have such beautiful blue water...We have a fun day in the water. I paddled out with the camera to see what is going on in the line up. Come with me...

Kevin, Oscar and Carlos were super busy giving all their waves to their friends. Well, today we have some girls in the water made our surf session really interesting.

Ok. To mush talk it's time to surf. Come on girls here is your wave.

Kiki is the most local surf girls, so she can burn to every one. Here she and Layna share a wave.... Party wave,,,,..

Tatiana from Italy was the lady in blue. The water and the sky were awesome like our day.

Wherever I saw was beautiful. There are waves all over the beach, no was consistent, but everybody was taking fun waves.

The crew in the water was really happy with all the action we have. Here is Layna Moehl getting a right. She is spending good time with her sister and brother in love in this tropical water.

Here is one of the surfer making the best cut of the afternoon session. There are people riding longboard, but the wave still good for shortboards.

I think we have a lot of beginners in the line up. Here is a man enjoying his ride with a smooth crossing.

We were getting speed and trying a trick, but was better for play with longboards. I think it's necessary use a longboard sometimes to have fun and don't think about tricks.

Hello man!!!.. He say Hi everybody!!!.

Kevin Cortes can made amazing tricks even in waves of two feet high. Here he is showing the fins with no problem to release this trick.

How are you Kiki>>???:: Super cool she say,,..

Here is me riding one of the nice three rights I get... I am using a fat board 5'7''. Thanks to the professional photographer and supermodel layna Moehl to take this photos.

Oscar was the other local throwing some cool tricks to the air. This guys can do everything in every surf conditions.

Ok. Amigos. This is the piece of paradise were we lieve. Come here and have a awesome week with us. Armando Lopez is out.