Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 14, 2014

All the expectation. Today, no way we gonna have waves. But this is the prove of some swell is around. The out there reef in Popoyo was breaking just a little. We checking other spot to see how is the surf community doing in this time. Check it out.

The waves have three feet high. Not too crowded, but no two many waves too.

This peak was perfect. Was the best option today.

Good corner for trick. No bad for one day supposedly ( The forecast ) say, gonna be flat . We keep having waves.

Something sad happened today. One little whale come to the beach with his mom and we don't know the reason.

The people take turns to push, because was too heavy, they were tired. They bring buckets and sheets to keep cool, and they did well for seven hours.

The tide start coming in and the waves start cover with salt water and all the area was here for help.

She or him. ( I don't know ) was fighting for the life, but we know something was wrong. We need to have one expert here for the next time because Nicaragua have a big traffic of whales crossing with his baby every year from November to April and we don't know to much about this event and is the third time during my life I view a whale come to die on beach.

One boogieboarder in the outhere reef. Everybody wake up early tomorrow. May be a phantom swell is here.

Ok. Amigos. I hope no more whale have this problem again. The world population is delicate and this big baby of Hunchback whale is so cute. His mom and us are sad tonight with this think.