Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hi everybody!!!. I hope your are ok. and are enjoying the sunday funday surf session. We have small beautiful waves. The offshore wind is one of the most perfect of the year with a sunny day. Check it out.

The water color is awesome and the temperature is amazing. The people in the line up we're waiting for sets with waves like this one, because are super rideable.

The people how live here have for habit to surf the sunday. Here is my friend Kiki getting speed in one of the nice rights.

We are passing for a ocean resting, but we still having fun using longboards and fun shapes boards. Here is how looks one of the peak on the beach. There are alot of peak working every where.

This is how looks the right when I was closer to the surfers. This people looks having fun eh!!!!!.

The guys were showing the best of their surf skill to impress to the beautiful girls on the beach. Looks like he take their attention.

This time of the year is one of the most beautiful. The weather is stable and the ocean still sending good waves to us.

Is easy want go surf, because how don't want to test this kind of waves. This man here just paddle out and catch this nice wave. I can have a good day after a wave like this one.

I was surfing alone in this left. The waves was small but playful. Was rolling and finish where I took this photo and was without surfer.

We have a nice wedding yesterday. Here were where the couples get marrie. This door was watching the sunset was awesome and magic. We hope they are happy for ever. Have fun and see you tomorrow in another week of surf. Armando lopez is out,