Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 13, 2015

Hello Everybody. The waves are coming in sets of twenty waves breaking in some peaks all over the beach and after come a calm giving time to rest, breath and wait for the next sets. Check it out.

A lucky surfers ride a wave with shiny green glassing. One wave of the sets was on fire.

The forecast called the waves of three to four feet and this is what we have. Some other places are presenting waves a little bigger, so the short period is making his work.

Some girls in the line up were riding in a pretty nice right. Some overhead waves keep rolling in November.

Hooooo!. Mannnnnn!!!!. How good look this barrel?. The surfer paddling beside the wave, wish to much that barrel too.

Here is the ripper of the beach, its the first time of him in the line up, so probably you will see more of his tricks in the next days.

This beach, probably have more than ten thousandth of barrel this year. Some of you probably have some of them. Are you ready for the new season? Made a goal of how many barrel you want to catch and come here and made you dream true.

I say something about others surf spot. Here is my friend Mark from Texas dropping some of the wave in the set.

Ok. Amigos. We have good waves all day long. We are ready for go to surf with the tide coming down. So I am out. See you in the line up.