Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hello everybody! Welcome to the Thursday surf report with NSR and Parker. It feels good to be back in action down here so check out our shots!

During low tide, consistent chest and shoulder high waves came through. Once the tide filled in, bigger sets started rolling through.

The weather today was partly cloudy with a chance of barrels. Actually, there was a significant chance of barrels.

Brodie finished the wave with a solid cutback. Yeah buddy!!

Gavin wanted to get a sequence for the report today too. Judging by his body's torque, you know something sick is coming...

I guess when you work at an amazing point break, you get to practice these tricks throughout the day.

The offshore breezes were light; however, it was just enough to move somebody one foot too far on the back on the wave. Regardless, sweet air Gavin!

The sets had a nice thick lip. Keep shooting down the line so you don't find out the hard way...

Everybody was out enjoying the morning on the beach! It sure feels good to be back...

A couple people had trouble sitting in the right spot for the sneaky set waves. It hurts to watch!!

If there is an empty corner, Oscar will find it. And he will smash it!

Other times, he likes to please crowd from the air. Keep improving and killing it amigo!

Maurico figured it out. At 11am, he told me, "I have an hour and a half to go get barreled before my 1pm meeting... hasta luego!!!"

It's still that wonderful time of the year! If you take a nightime walk, you might find some momma turtles laying eggs or baby turtles dashing for the water. Check it out one night!

Gavin is such a friendly guy because he throws air and slays tubes. At NSR, I was taught this equation: level happiness per session = (4 x every barrel caught) + (3 x every air landed) + (1 new surfboard) + (1.5 x number of sprays)

After two sweet waves, he had to rest and end the wave with a classy floater.

Brodie wanted to show off a big one today too. Judging by how verticle he is, you'd think he's skateboarding...

Ahhhh those pesky offshores are only good for tubes!!! If you can air here, you can air anywhere.

Here's one more nugget to help you push through to the weekend. Almost there!!

It was fun today and it will be fun tomorrow (and the next day too)! Ok ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate y'all checking out our report and email me at [email protected] for your shots. Adios amigos!!