Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good afternoon. We are waiting for a little swell, today and tomorrow. The sets came every twenty minutes with one or two waves in every set. Some good waves were rolling in as you can see and the lineup was super light.  Check it out!!!

There were definitely some small but cool little barrels to pull in.  The Fransuas I mean the frenchies know how to get barrel.  Lot of super tubo experience for sure.

Best set of the day and we have Chocoyo looking for the perfect shoulder,  Check out the sequence.

Paddling hard to take it.  He does not want to miss the wave of the day.  No way!!!!

What a beautiful wave!

What a beautiful wave!

Getting down the line on his bottom turn.

Even deeper on his bottom turn.  About to generate more speed!

About to get up on the face.  What are you going to do hommie?

Getting it done.  Swchakalakatapa!!!

Taking it back home!

Still the same wave, wave loading up some power in the inside section and Chocoyo setting up for another powerful maneuver.

This little kid has been improving his surfing skills pretty fast.  We will love to see him charging some big waves at the outer reef soon.

It was a shame to have only two guys in the water meanwhile we had some sweet little nuggets rolling in.  Stay tuned with us!