Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 11, 2007

A day after the fishing tournament we made it out again to Maderas to catch some small but fun waves. It's running about knee to chest high on sets, the wind offshore and the water is chilly. Check it out.

The water is chilly and many people made it to the beach. Here is a shot of the crowd having a fun day, drinking some tonas!!!

There were a couple of longboarders out. Here is Carlos Caliente getting back to the action, it's so nice to have you in town buddy.

This is Erick "El Pelo Bonito" going off the top on a nice looking right. He is still using Avocado Shampoo to have that beatiful hair.

Here is another longboarder, we don't know who he is but everybody on the beach was calling him "Mr Vega". Come on buddy, you have to touch the nouse with your belly!!!

This guy came down from Leon to ride some fun waves in Maderas. He's name is Arturo "Come Maduro" Grijalba getting some speed. Catch you later guys!!!