Nicaragua Surf Report | Photo from November 10, 2017 at 7:03 PM

So to kick things off this morning, the bulk of the NSR crew and a few extra heads jumped on a boat early this AM to go score at one of the best left hand point breaks in the area. Shooting these rad water shots was by someone… well, let’s just say he is coming on board and picking up where Parker left off. I’m going to leave him anonymous for now, for one, because it’s fun and mysterious, but also, he’s got his 1st debut report coming up next week, so I’ll let him introduce himself then; but for now… enjoy some sick picks from their session early this morning. (Captions by our new amigo!) : Bryan making it look easy standing tall with the lean back while waiting for the section. Note the pitbull muscle shirt. Everyone needs a go to surf shot, especially when the photogs are out in the water.

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