Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another day and more waves here in Nicaragua! Our swell has dropped a little since yesterday but there are still some inconsistent, overhead sets and lots of barrels! The water dropped a couple of degrees last night and it's a bit chilly. Check out this guy, staying warm and dry inside the tube.

We're going to start things off with a couple of shots by Jairo "Come Pan" Ramos from this morning at Rancho Santana. We don't know who these guys are, but we got a few good shots of them! Surprise! You are on NSR!

Here's another unknown "Pale Rider" taking off on a nice left. Welcome to Nicaragua guys!

There was some great surfing happening out there today. JJ was back at it again. We decided to put up a sequence of him. This is shot 1.

JJ, shot 2, going big!

JJ, shot 3 - and displaying blatant disregard for his knees.

JJ - shot 4 - the only thing the photos don't show is how fast the whole thing went down. Man, I don't know how you make that look so easy.

The barrel sequence of the day goes to Kenny Kozak. Hey man, sorry about calling you "old man" yesterday - you're still crushing it out there. Shot 1

This was a long barrel sequence and we actually are only showing every other photo (sorry, it takes too long to prepare so many photos). Here's Kenny, sneaking under the lip. Shot 2

Kenny Kozak, Shot 3. Notice how he's now under the lip and is shifting his weight forward. Also notice the surfer in the foreground...Kenny's about to get some nice travel time.

Kenny Kozak, Shot 4 - driving...

Kenny K, Shot 5 - slotted and still going.

Kenny K, Shot 6 - after skipping a couple of frames, we fast forward to the exit. He was so far forward on his board it was hard for him to stand back up again. Good stuff Kenny!

Wow, two days in a row - Olli is really surfing well these days. Here he is getting into another barrel, and a pretty one too!

Did we say JJ was ripping today?

At NSR we are all about giving "shout outs" to traveling surfers who come down and visit us. This is Ryan from Gigante, tucking into a nice right with the drop-knee style forehand.

No idea who this guy is, but we got some great shots of him. Here he is dropping in on a heavy little one.

And the shout-outs continue to our friend in Black, racing a little backside barrel. Good surfing out there today folks! We like it.

One last shot of Jota air-dropping into a barrel and we'll sign off for today. We've got fading swell for the next couple of days and a fishing tourney this weekend in SJDS so stay tuned with us - we're going to get into all of it!