Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 05, 2007

Today we headed out to Maderas and we found some fun and good waves, but it was too crowded. It's head high to over head on sets and the wind was perfect offshore. Check out the lineup, we hope you like the report for today!!!

We want to start the day with this sick barrel, we have a sequence of ten shots of this wave too many to post. Here is one of the best shots just to let you know how sick it was. By the way, this is Luis "La Baloy" Chamorro.

Today we have a little bit of everything, here is an unknown rider at Machete pt. It looks better tham it was but we think tomorrow will be going off.

This is Erick "El Drink-go" Eot from Fl having fun on a nice looking left. You are so lucky to find a good friend like "La Plancha" Vanigas.

Young Rex "La Bestia" Calderon was flying all over the place today. He actually is trying to make a new record with the higher aerial at Maderas.

Did we say crowded? Come guys, you have to share the waves, we have many around here to split. That's the big rule to surf in Nicaragua, respect each other.

Here Nick "El Kanguroo" from Australia taking a nice left in front of the rocks at Machete pt. Hey buddy, if you want to get this shot just let us know.

Here is Edwin "El Tuzo" Morales setting up for the barrel. This guy had many barrels today, everybody was calling him the "King of the barrels" today.

Here is Augusto "La Gaviota" Chamorro with a nice shot, this guy was killing it today. It is a pitty that he's sick right now.

The cowboy got back to the action today, here he is taking a nice right. Tomorrow isgoingtobesick!!!

Hey folks, we have a special treat for you. Carlo Caliente is on assignment reporting from California. Looks like a beautiful fall day saw some light winds and head high waves. Check the peak breaking at the end of this street.

Yeah fellas, I am feeling a little guilty about leaving everyone behind in the rain. It is good to see that the offshores are back to Nicaragua. Here in California the sun has finally come out and softened the bite of the cold water. I squeezed myself into an old wetsuit and tried to chase down a few of these.

I am told when the waves go small, the wind comes onshore, and there are no barrels to be had the locals come here  to get a little virtual reality.

....and finally this photo was sent in by a charging young surfer/kite surfer who is also a good friend of NSR. Here is Alex Smith going for a little hang time out on the delta. We look forward to seeing you in Nica, Alex. This has been Carlo Caliente reporting.