Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 04, 2013

Hi there, the winds kept blowing onshore today but light, making some good conditions to go out and shred some nice waves.  Head high waves on the bigger sets and sick warm water.  Check it out!!!

The lineup was almost empty, we had only 4 guys in the water and they were taking plenty of nice rides. Here is caught this dude charging a nice one!

There were also some nice peelers down the beach.  Sweet lefties to take all over, in front of the river mouth.

We had some sized ones rolling in, for sure.  But no takers!

The waves were even nice for beginners.  Check out this one riding a nice insider all the way in.

Killable lefts rolling in as well, but again no many takers at all.   What a shame!

This regular footer was having a blast on his backhand.  Scoring lots of nice lefts all day long!

Back at the shop El Codo Lopez was getting some work done.  Señor mantenimiento!

Still recovering from lastnight, doesn't matter how hard the ballast bed is, just want to get back to life.  Please check back tomorrow!