Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hey everyone, welcome back to another epic day here in Nicaragua. Brian here, with the report for this windy, Sunday. Waves are still on the small side but plenty of fun in the waist to chest high range and strong offshore winds. Checked out one of our high tide spots and turned out to be a good call, check it out!

The waves had some really nice shape to them this morning, peaky and peeling off just right. Local boys are on it bright and early.

The water temp has dropped a bit in the past few days with all the gusty offshore winds that we've been experiencing. Julio didn't seem to mind the cold water too much, instead warming up quick with sweet backside hack.

Gustavo and his crew showed up again. I think he needs to help his guests out on how to get under the barrel. You missed it dude!

There were left and rights coming in up and down the beach. Almost looks like a point in this shot.

Breakfast of champions, Julio warming up with some Flor de Cana. A little shot to warm the blood.

Some nice looking waves coming and only a handful of people out, what more could you ask for?

See that spray off the back of the wave? That's why the water's cold, 20knt offshore winds. At least it's barreling.

Mike back in the water this morning trying to get rid of his cold. "Don't worry Mike, just keep hacking away."

Darwin, on the other end of the spectrum, showing Mike how really lay it down.

Well, that's all the fun for today people, check back with us tomorrow. Looks like the swell is slowly on the rise so a lot of other spots along the coast should start lighting up, so get ready. Hasta manana amigos!