Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Welcome back to Nicaragua and your daily surf report, today we will take a stroll down memory lane from the last few months as we have some serious tropical storm weather on the way and as such not much for surf today.

It doesn't look terrible to be honest as there are some waves out there to be had, but I think people are busy prepping for the incoming storm. I'll keep an eye out there and if anyone paddles out I'll get some shots for ya'll.

Prepping sandbags and making sure we've got water, candles, and batteries just in case.

How about this shot from August with the barreling wave and a little rainbow in the off shore lip spray.

This photo was a Mystery Barrel surfer shot.. (drum roll)... that would be Mr. Carl Caliente himself packing the tuber.

This wave of Carlos was from my birthday May 9th, possibly one of the most epic days of the season.

Ask Ructiel about the best days of the season.. guaranteed she was out there on the biggest and best of the days.

How about more recently, Erin Brooks on a gem of a wave from August 29th.. use our search tool to find awesome waves or put your name in to find shots of you.

Search a keyword like "Big Air" and find some sick shots like this one of Sean doing his thing.

Which way would you go?

Kevin in his happy place :)

How about this juicy nug! Okay ya'll if anything happens here on the homefront we'll update you. Otherwise ya'll have a great day and we'll catch up tomorrow. Hasta Luego