Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 31, 2020

Hey folks and welcome back to your beloved daily surf report from SurfNSR and yours truly. The sun is out and it is a beautiful day on this spooky Halloween Saturday come check out if we got tricks or treats.

The winds are light offshore as of reporting and the waves are super fun. When I arrived at the beach the brothers John and Josh were out with Koji and Yuji and they were enjoying the carousel of waves to themselves.

Yuji taking off on a sweet little right that was breaking on the north side of the beach.

John doing an in motion Halloween costume with that impression of a fire hydrant spraying the street on a hot summer day.

Josh maybe resembling the fire hydrant spray better with that red shirt.

Looks like a ghost under the hood of this Mystery Barrel surf pic.

Koji like a daredevil Evil Knievel driving into the belly of the beast that is a low tide Colorado close out.

Uncle Dan cruising out for a few waves with the boys!

Father and Son splitting the peak a couple hundred yards from home is one of the sweetest treats there is.

27 holes of Golf yesterday, Volleyball at Sunset and Surf in the morning.. This is living!

Yuji getting the early morning head dips. Yeeee!

Koji out there slashing faces like Freddy vs Jason.

Freddy vs Jason.. maybe I should be saying Koji vs Johnny lol jk jk these guys are cheering each other on and murder waves not people haha.

The magician pulling a rabbit from a hat has got nothing on Josh the magician doing a classic Vanishing act.

Eventually some of the other local surfers saw what was happening out there and paddled out, Jackson doing his astronaut launching to space costume.

Michael paddled out and promptly nabbed one of the gems of the morning. Yeah buddy!!

Happy Halloween everybody! Have fun and stay safe, enjoy the spooky full moon weekend. See ya'll back here tomorrow.