Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 30, 2005

I woke up this morning and caught the local news which said that Hurricane Beta has been upgraded to a Category 3 storm with 115mph winds AND that it turned around and is now heading SSW TOWARDS the atlantic coast of Nicaragua. The last and only time Nicaragua was actually hit by a hurricane was Joanna in 1988. So, today we still have decent weather, light onshores and head high sets. We went to Maderas to get what might be our last surf for a day or two if this thing hits us.

We grabbed Roque, who is always eager to get to the beach. Sometimes he's a little too eager - that's me he snaked on this one.

Robert caught this chick after a long night out - evidently she was vomiting on the beach. It's a good thing the tide was coming up.

We've got a dying swell now and a new one forecast for the middle of this week. Check back to see what happens with the Hurricane tomorrow.