Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 28, 2005

Who says we don't celebrate Halloween in Nicaragua? We are a little loose on the actual date, but people still like to get dressed up. And for the lack of a costume shop, they do pretty good. I hope I don't see this guy climbing my balcony later...

Today was another beautiful day. We've got light, variable winds and teeny tiny waves. Even so, it was good to see the sun again. This shot is from San Juan Del Sur.

There are always interesting characters on the beach in San Juan. This guy wouldn't stop "flossing" with his shirt. Of course, Roberto took a picture. uhh, thanks Roberto.

We just got our new trailer for the Dirty Sanchez. We are still waiting on some motor parts to clear customs but have begun to put the rest of her back together. This is us, changing locations.

Thanks Roberto! (but it still doesn't make up for the flosser guy) We've got another hurricane off the atlantic coast, Beta. It's forecast to move north and bring us bad winds and rain for the next couple of days. Yes, again.