Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hi everybody, this is the NSR family bringing you the all action for this Tuesday surf report.  Today we went to the beach in the morning trying to score some fun waves with the incoming tide.  We had a lot people out there having a good time.  It was running about waist to chest high on sets with nice offshore winds and the water was clear.  Check out the lineup!!!

We are going to start the day with Sara from Philadelphia, she was charging on some good waves out there.  Look up her on this sweet right hander.

Here we have Memo from California picking up a nice little nugget.  He was taking a couple fun waves all over the place.

We had a few people from all over the world in the water today trying to catch some of the better waves we had a t this spot.   On this shot we have Fillip from France riding this small but fun right.  It was overcast pretty much during the whole morning.

Today we had quite a few chicks in the lineup doing the best to stand up on a couple waves.  It doesn’t matter the technique you use, all is about to stand up on the board and ride the waves.  Never give up!

Lucha Libre paddled out for a swim and decided to take the water camera with him.  He snapped a few interesting shot.  This is Tim from England trying to introduce a new surfing fashion.  Hope you enjoy your trip my friend!

This is Julian from Sudafrica looking down the line of this right.  He’s staying down here for month and he loves Nicaragua so far.

On the last shot of the day we have Rodolfo “Calibilly” Zapata about to attack the lip of this poor little left.  The waves should be about the same size for the next few days, so we hope to catch some fun ones.