Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yew! It's Sunday funday, the wind is offshore and the waves are looking super fun. Not too much size, but after our recent spell of onshore winds, no one's complaining.

Coming off a low tide this morning, plenty of drainers like this coming through.

The in-betweeners were looking pretty fun also. It's nice to take some pictures with people in them for a change.

Although with only about five guys on it, a few of the best nuggets seeping through the cracks.

This one too, look how hollow this thing is.

Some were pushing through to the inside sand bar, offering a second barrel section if you could make it that far.

With plenty of speed on this one, guy goes for a super critical turn here. Check out the sequence.

Grabbing the rail and ditching the fins..

You can tell now he's not going to make it, but I'm giving an "A" for effort.

Maybe next time John John.

This is the same surfer redeeming himself with a nice closeout shwack. You can tell there's some power behind that turn.

Unfortunately the camera died on me after this one, but I think we got the point across. The sloppy conditions of the past few days are finally gone and we've got some waves worth taking pictures of again. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for more from your favorite surf report. Theo saying adios.