Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 24, 2020

Hey Surfing fans and friends around the world and welcome back to our slice of Heaven on Earth. There are some fun waves to be had out front despite the on shore winds and less then ideal conditions last few days.

There were some waves that held up for a nice ride and others that seemed to closeout a bit quick.

It's usually a safe bet to paddle out in almost any conditions as once your out there and catch a few everything else just melts away.

Here is John catching some nice morning waves to go with that cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee. Yeah dude!

I'm not sure who this shredder is but he was going for the airs on all the waves he was catching even if it was just some little pop shuvits and BS 180's he was def hitting it like a skate park.

Exhibit A: Practice, Practice, Practice. With hard work and determination he'll be sticking these in no time.

John going up!

See what I was saying about being worth the paddle out.. It didn't look like the best conditions but if you put yourself out there you have a 100% better chance of catching some fun ones then if you hadn't.

Another launch time it started looking like a wave pool for a minute the way these sections kept coming together and providing that ramp.

Meanwhile back on the peelers throwing some water around splish splashing in that bath temperature water.

Alright folks I'm gonna keep an eye out on the waves out front and if we got something real nice I may post some afternoon photos.. if I don't end up going surfing myself haha. Have a wonderful Saturday! Big 10 football is back, huge UFC fight on today, and the start of another wonderful weekend. Have a good one! See ya'll later. Peace