Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 24, 2015

Holla party people. How are your day? We have some good waves during the high tide. A lot of peak were working, everyone with different shape. check it out some of the good waves and the action of today.

From the south to the north part of the river mouth every peak have just two or no body in the line up. The color of the water is awesome and the temperature too.

Arlin Moraga (Kaipo) a first generation of Popoyo beach was here scoring some waves. The offshore wind is soft making nice conditions for tricks.

The speed of his homebreak in comparison with this wave is significative. Here the wave make you go faster, so his 190 pounds give a little extra speed and he past the fins out the lip of the wave.

Some surfers don't like the waves conditions. Or they were too hungry and are going to have a lunch.

Well. I say empty peaks. The is a surfer in this wave, but he was taking the wave of the very end.....

There are strong and friendly waves in the same beach. Here is the right of the middle peak with a wave two to three feet good for turns.

The people over there were riding the wave practicing the turns, but anyone was sick. But they were proud of his turns.

When I was taking the photos I can't believe this waves were rolling empties. Right now, I tell to some of my friends. Go paddle out because there are some bombs over there.

Chocoyo was killing the left, spinning the 180* complete. But he don't impressing too much, because he always do too easy.

So. I tell him, go high Chocoyo. And here he is in one of his first airs. He made the 90% of the way. So probably soon he will making the landing.

The day is sunny and the swimming pool looks great for be in those chairs. With a beers.

A group of friends have a volleyball game on the garden. This guys almost finish his vacation and I can tell you. They have so many surf session in his trip, around forty session in a week and so many good waves.

Ok. Amigos.The swell will pick up the next days. So this was the worst month of the year and it was still good. Armando Lopez is out. The waves keep goods.