Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 23, 2005

Check it out - more of the same junky surf today so we decided to blow it off and go catch some shrimp. It was super low tide, usually a good time to go upstream and find them. Here is a shot of the beach out front - there is a wave here at times, just not today.

I california, you wouldn't think about going on a half day hike without specialized shoes, a camelback filled with water and pockets filled with he latest power bars. Down here we just put on our flip-flops, grabbed a bottle of water and went. Here is Roberto and Edwin, showing me how to find the shrimp.

Here is a picture of the elusive "Nicaraguan Blue Crawdad", in it's native environment. It's the national crustacion, but not a protected species. Roberto says they taste really good.

Yes, we caught him...and let him go afterwards because he was too small to eat.

and our prize catches of the day - these two monsters. (it you hold them close to the camera they look bigger). All together, we caught 4 shrimp - one for each of us and then one extra. At least we got some good excercise. So, hurricane Wilma is moving away from us and it looks like there might finally be a change in the weather coming in the next few days. Stay tuned.