Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hello and happy good weekend everybody. We have the high tide in the morning with so many good waves. We tought the waves they were going to be small, but that no happend today. Check what we have this morning.


We have so many waves with a A frame in the high tide, but when the tide was going down the waves have more walls, just check this beautiful wave in front the NSR Beach House.

The last few days the take off is a little more easy than normal time, because the waves are traveling slow. Most of the waves breaking really good on the sand banks and the channels.

The waves have barrels, but not to open and heavies. The offshore wind stay light in the morning and is stronger in the afternoon.

Every surfer have one or more good waves in they session. We still having waves overheat, the swell supposedly is going down, but not happen today.

Here is a right who show the ramp and the size of the waves in one of the peak. We have three peak with three different size= Small, Medium and Large.

What size you think is this wave?. Well Jamie was in the top of this wave and he looks small. A girl behind me and she say,, Ohh my God!!!, that no is a size, but that mean L Or XL.

I don't know how he made the drop in this wave, but was magic. Jamie definitely is a charger....

The people in the line up have left and right to choice. Here is a barrel in one side and a ramp in the other direction. What more we can ask for this day?

I don't remember how many cut I made the last three day in ramps like this one. Here is David Barr looking for one turn in this nugget.

David was on fire today. He is the shape of Shapeshifter and here he is showing how much he know about surf.

My friend Seth have a good morning session. Here he is getting the line, to be in the packed of the wave.

Yeah buddy!!!, we can't asking for a better October. The last year was good and we made again.

Even the small waves were juicy. Here is Chocoyo passing down of that open barrel.

I see good waves in every peak of the beach. I believe this beach break is one of the best in the world. We surfing waves everyday with good conditions. The most important thing is the offshore wind, who made posible we can surf all day long.

Oh!!!! this left. Check how perfect is breaking this left, good to made sick tricks on the lip. Cut back, roundhouse, airs, whatever is possible in this waves conditions.

We have more waves in the sets coming than the normals waves. The last few days is hard to paddle out with all the sets coming constantly. The locals and me we were joking everytime is a bombs exploding in front us. We were pounding.

Michael Doan is back again and he is surfing more radical than ever. Check this vertical turn in wave throwing all that water.

Here is the big bear Patrick in his longboard riding this wave with styling. Today I so all the locals out enjoying our park.

Today was the last day of his surf trips of Brett and the ocean close his last day with good waves to say goodbye and ( Nos vemos pronto amigo ).

Peter was also part of the party today. Here he is grabbing the rail of the surfboard after a fast take off. He is going around fifty miles per hours in this right.

Mateo is making really good turns this year. Check how he is ripping this wave. He is good in barrels and now he made good turns. You just need airs bro!!!!.

Ok. A lot of the waves have this kind of corners in the ends. I think this is one of the best part of the wave to make tricks in the very top. Imagine what you can do if you are the owner of one of this waves. Well, you can come with some of you best friend and made a awesome surf trip. Contact us and we will made that possible. Armando Lopez is out.