Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hola primos and bienvenidos to the surf report with NSR and Parker! Not much has changed: fun chest to shoulder high waves with light crowds. See for yourself!

I shot at high tide with zero winds; however, it was still barreling! As usual, Josh Springfield capitalizing.

Josh is progress so quickly that he doesn't even have time to look back at his sprays!! #somebodysponsorthisgrom

Bill is an awesome resident who normally surfs the northern reef break. Lately, he has been testing the waters at our beach break. It's good to have you out there with us Bill!

We have a couple different wind swells affecting the waves. As a result, some waves cross up. Consequently, it depends on each wave whether the left or right is the best direction.

Yeah buddy! It's awesome to get Armando on the other side of the camera (and surf with him after)!!

However, I don't think he's accustomed to being on that side of the lense. As a result, he hid behind the tube. Fair enough amigo!

Trademark Josh Springfield backside barrel stance. *All rights reserved* *Copyright 2015*

Our sandbars are on fire right now!!! Peaks for days!!!

Ryan likes the classic "when life gives you lemons" saying. When the ocean gives you close outs... jam the curtain!!

Last night was Nacho's authentic Italian pizza night at Don Eloys. Josh ate his fair share so he had to burn off those delicious Margarita and BBQ chicken slices on this wave.

We have a super cool group of Australians and New Yorkers visiting Iguana. Either look for their tribal war paint sunscreen jobs or their friendly smiling faces in the lineup!

Ok everybody, I hope you enjoyed today's report and I appreciate you checking it out! The forecast predicts similar conditions for the weekend and a new swell approaching next week. Keep your fingers crossed and adios amigos!!