Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hey folks, Pancho here...still in Indo and giving a shout out to everybody back home.  Mr. Brown stuck around town for another week and we headed to G-Land for a little swell.  The good news is we scored a couple of fun days.  The bad news is that there was no way to take surf pics (my camera died..)  Anybody who's ever been here knows it's an epic set-up - it's a surf camp right on one of the longest and hollowest left points in the world.  It's been 10 years since I've been here and they've done a lot to the place.  The accommodations are pretty nice now and even have AC.  So, excuse the lack of surf pics, there is still some good stuff to look at.

The greatest improvement is the "FAST BOAT" from Bali option.  For $125 you can take a 2 hour boat ride instead of a 9 hour, over-land nightmare trip.  I highly recommend it.  Here's a shot of Mr. Brown as we head off the boat and into camp.

Here is a "not-so-great" photo I took from the beach with my little camera.  If you can look closely, you can see a couple of waves peeling.  These are just a tad overhead in size.  We didn't get the big, classic, G-Land swell you see in the mags, but we did get a few days of solid overhead waves and long barrels.  Normally I'm opposed to reef booties, but I recommend bringing them if you come here - the in-and-out over this reef everyday will do a number on your bare feet.

We had a few flat days too - which are pretty fun if you have a spear gun.  The water is super clear here and it's full of life.  This is a shot of me a local guy and the surf guide Michael.  They took me out to the "ledge" in front of where the waves break.  There were so many fish, we ended up staying out for about 4 hours.  Even more impressive if you consider that the local guy wore his flip-flops the whole time and treaded water while we hunted.  I got lucky and nailed a nice size Trevally, which I'm proudly showing off in the photo.  I know it looks like a Jack, but it has white meat and is very tasty.  Thanks to Michael for taking me out to the spot!

There's all kinds of life on land too.  G-Land is located inside a giant national forest.  There are all kinds of animals that you don't see every day including Panthers, Tigers, Wild Pigs, Deer, Monkeys, etc.  I even saw a wild Toucan.  This is a Gecko that was hanging inside out room for the week (Ernie, this one is for you!).  He looks small in this photo but was actually about 12 inches in length.

Me and Mr. Brown, enjoying a couple of after-surf Bintangs.  It's off to Bali next, for a couple of days and then back to Nicaragua.  Check in later for the Surf Report.  Pancho out!

What’s up folks?  We are the NSR family bringing you all the action for this Thursday surf report.  We went to the beach in the afternoon trying to catch some fun waves.  The waves were running about chest to shoulder high on sets with a little onshore wind but not strong and the waves were fun.  Check out the lineup!!!

On the first surfing shot of the day we have this unknown surfer, he was catching a lot of waves today.  Check him out riding on this small but fun left hander.

The lineup was not very crowded today, we only had about 8 or 10 surfers including a few locals.  Here we have Norwin “El Chulin “he was getting some good waves.  Look at him looking good with this little from side air.

What are those guys looking for? 

When we arrived to the beach this afternoon, we find a lot of beginners in the water trying to learn how to surf, and having a good time.

There were a couple international surfers was doing their thing.  Here we had one of them picking up on this little right hander.

We said before we had a lot of beginners in the lineup, trying to get some fun waves.  Check out this girl riding on this little nugget, meanwhile this guy watching all the action very but very close.  Hey dude enjoys the beautiful and wild view.

Here we have another international surfer, he was ripping all over the place.  Look at him ripping on top the lip of this nice sized right hander, one of the better waves of the day.  Good job dude!

Since the lineup has been so empty, we have many fun waves rolling in with no takers. Alright folks that’s all for today.  We hope to have some better waves tomorrow.  Please check back with us!