Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome everyone to our first rainy surf report of the year.  Last night we finally had really strong rain and it keeps raining right now.  It’s been raining for the last 20 hours and that’s good because we really need it.  Anyway we headed out to the beach and nobody was there when we arrived.  The beach was completely empty and there were lots of waves to be had.  Check it out!!!

As we said before it was raining a lot and the road are staring to feel the water.  Check out this shot of “The Cowboy” on the way the beach.

“La Panga” and one his best friends “The Cowboy” showed out to the beach and were the only guys in the lineup.  Here we have this cool shot of “La Panga” just steps away from fun and NO CROWD!!!

Here we have Unser “The Cowboy” dropping late into this left.  This is the first time he had the whole beach to himself in a long time.

Milton “El Burbuja” Cascante was watching the action from the hostel on the beach, but later on he decided to paddle out and catch some waves as well.  What’supmatterlayucaman!!!

Check out “La Panga” picking up one of the better set waves of the day.   He had a lot of waves to choose from, so he picked up the best ones.

This is Milton taking a sweet left hander all the way in to the beach.  What’s up Mope, are you loving it?  I best you do!

We have a shot of the scene we had on the beach to finish the day, completely empty.  The waves should be fun tomorrow so make sure to check us back out.