Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the surf report with Parker! The waves stayed in the chest and shoulder high range. Check out our shots from the late morning!

We've been getting healthy doses of rain, especially yesterday. As a result, we had onshore breezes last night. However, the wind was totally calm all morning!

Even if it's a foamy corner, it still counts. Right?

Hayden was enjoying his morning. How do you and Uli feel about serving the line up a fresh scoop of ice cream after the sesh???

Usually, you can find Hayden running his Scoops and Spokes business or serving mounds of organic ice cream. Occasionally, he serves up some tasty airs for desert.

Some local studs were out practicing today too. From my personal experience, your surfing will exponentially improve when you surf high quality waves everyday. Turn off Netflix, tell your Snapchat friends you'll see them later, and and go surf!!!

Josh Springfield is the perfect example of putting the technology down and enjoying the waves. Today, he noticed how peaky the waves were. Lately, the south river busted open to deposit new sand in our bars. Good news for us!!

Barrels are one of Josh's expertise. Regardless of the board he's riding, you know where to look for him!

Airs are his next goal. $5 says you will check our surf report in 2 months and you will see Josh stomping them left and right!!

Meanwhile, his brother John and Dad Dan hold down the camera. They are talented photographers so talk to them for your shots!

Ryan Cook is another friendly face in Iguana. His Vana Surfboards help throw twice as much water per trick as the name brand boards.

It's always fun to have the NSR family in town together. Surfing with DLite and Peter are one of my daily highlights. DLite: it looks like your 1,000 sit up per day program is working out!!!

Here's Hayden again. Some of us, ***cough cough, actually have to work and can't be ripping out there all day...

A couple good sized sets came through. Josh still took the plunge and stuck the drop!!

Meet Arlin. He's a phenomenal cook and can prepare some delicious authentic dishes. Occasionally, he likes to serve his "tubo especial."

Ok everybody all this Nicaraguan cuisine talk is making me hungry and reminding me that it's lunchtime! Thank you all for checking out the report today and we'll see you tomorrow. Adios amigos!!