Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 20, 2014

Hola amigos! This is Theo hijacking your report for the next 10 days while Armando is on vacation. The waves dropped off a bit in size today and the storms rolled in, but the glassy conditions are still here. Fun little peaks all over the place-

Decisions, decisions... left or right? He had a choice to make here, both ways look good.

Tod was out there sitting deep, picking off the nugs on the longboard. There were only a few guys out there today anyways.

They missed this one coming through. Someone should've been shacked here.

I think it must be my regular-footed subconscience, I'm always looking at the rights first. This ones a nugger.

I try not to be prejudice though. The left peaks were just as good.

The tide was a bit high for barrels this morning, but it doesn't stop people from trying.

They're working on something new out here at the beach club. I didn't get a chance to ask, but whatever it is it involves these two and a lot of bricks.

I kept waiting for someone to do something rad, no such luck. Everyone just cruisin' today.

If he gets any lower on this one, he'd be going for the coffin barrel. I'm too tall for mini-barrels myself.

The long-boarders were having the most fun today it seemed. It's not easy to stall on a board that size.

This guy was on every good wave, advantages of sitting deep on a big ol' board.

I took the drone for a spin today also, this little fellow was intrigued.

We've had an awesome group of Florida cats staying at the NSR beach house the past week. Today is their last day unfortunately. Thanks a bunch guys, hope you had an epic trip. Until tomorrow, Theo saying adios and thanks for visiting.