Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 20, 2011

We’ve had Lucha Libre here with the Thursday report.  Today the rain finally stopped but yesterday was pouring, same as the last days.  Everywhere you go, this was pretty much what you would see.  People got caught trying to cross rivers, including me.  I got to this river about 1:20 pm but I didn’t go through until 5:00, waiting for the currents to get lower and weaker.  Check it out!!!

The rain stopped today but we figured that the rivers would be still pretty tough so we didn’t try to go anywhere else and stay at the bay in San Juan del Sur.  The winds are dying and there were some fun ones coming in at the bay.

This is Chalan bottom turning this cool right hander right in the river mouth.  The next days are looking better so we hope to score some nice waves.

A few international guys made it out there, and they rode some fun ones.  Here we have this couple walking on the beach, and ready to paddle out.

The 2011 Baseball World Series Fall Classic is on, and down here we are watching it too.  The fever is on and here is this shot to prove it.

El Botetas Ramos was out there, ripping on some little nuggets.  Here he is working on his backside, with this cool slash.

We love to practice every kind of sports, including volley ball. Here we have some action on the beach.

The last action shot of the day goes to this international surfer going big with a cool 360 turn.  If we do not get rain in the morning we are going to try to hit Maderas so stay tuned with us.  Please check back tomorrow.