Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the NSR report! This is Parker logging in to show you today's morning shots plus a local restaurant. Check them out!

It's October. As a result, we are receiving dumpings of rain everyday. That is awesome for the locals and the farms but it also brings onshore winds.

So be like Jeff and make do! Wait for it to rain and glass off. Then drop everything and get a session in before the onshores return!

A couple waves were coming through this morning. We are getting a wind swell so expect short peaky waves to roll through.

Otherwise, going fishing could be a great idea. The onshores bring the warm clear blue water that the fish love. Go catch a dorado (mahi mahi) and make some delicious tacos!

Ok chicos, the waves aren't doing much and expect similiar conditions until the weekend. The winds should clean up and a fresh pulse should arrive.

Casa Maderas is a new restaurant in the area. If you want an authentic taste of Nicaraguan food, keep scrolling down then visit their restaurant the next time you're here!

My favorite appetizer is the Ceviche. It contains fresh local fish that is cooked in lime juice with red onion and cilantro. Though I am biased (and I have a big stomache), I highly recommend splitting a bowl!

Casa Maderas features daily specials and special grilled dinners. My favorites are the carne asada or pollo asada (grilled meat or chicken). Featured here is the churrasco steak with potatoes and salad. This grilled skirt steak is delicious.

Maybe it close to lunchtime but that Baho looks delicious!! Having Casa Maderas in our development is a great addition because it shows travelers the local taste (in generous portions).

Casa Maderas is open everyday from 11am to 9pm so grab your crew and check it out! Thank you guys for tuning in to today's report and bearing with us through the October conditions. Pasa un buen dia!!