Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 19, 2014

After a hour of strong rain the wind drop to two miles per hours, so the glassing were all over the sea, until the horizon. Check the conditions.

Nine surfer in the water, covering around a hundred meters area.

I think nobody gonna believe this wave is from today. October keep good.

All this waves were empty. Unbelievable!

Our friend Charlie was the first one trying to go for. In a big boat.

But he was a little late. But good for break the ice.

Theo go out and was looking for the good waves in the set. Check this left he get.

He made a nice cut, NSR have a good surfers workers, Like me. Hahaha.

Theo is only three month with us, but keep looking how good he will be in a year.

This surfer was the only one looking for barrels and he found couple one.

Is true, The glassing and the color of the water was nice. Look so good be out there right now.

When you see someone else, catching a good wave you both share the stoke.

And is better when you see a Charlie giving the revenge to the wave.

He drop in time and made a turn in that surfboard. He doesn't be afraid to do tricks.

Sick!!!. I like that kind of surf style, when I used a longboard.

And keep charging, looking for another snap.

Too radical. He think is using a 6'2".

Thanks for read the report. I go to take a vacation, my friend Theo will be bringing you the surf report for the next days. I hope your are having a great time of surf. Armando Lopez is out work. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss.