Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hi and thanks for joining us for the Saturday surf report.  Today we drove down south trying to score some better waves than the waves we have out front at the bay but we were not very lucky.  It was running about waist to chest high on sets with onshore winds.  Check out what we got.

There was a good crowd in the water trying to get some waves.  Here we have Shaun taking off on one of the best waves we saw coming through this afternoon.

A couple of chicks were out as well doing their thing.  This is a shot of Emka bottom turning a nice looking left.  She has been down here for less than a month and she already knows how to ride some fun waves.

Armando “Codo” Lopez is bored with surfing in these kind of conditions, so today he thought that it will be the perfect time to get some work done.  We think he made the right call because there were not many waves out there to be had

As we said before there was a good crowd out there today and most of them were beginners.  Here is this shot to prove it.

Our good friend and new intern paddled out to get some waves but there were not many to be had.  He was out for just 10 minutes and then back in again, very frustrated because he is ready to get some real waves.

On the last shot of the day we have Pedro “El Cacaste” Florez who was out today ripping it up.  He was the only surfer that was taking a ton of waves all over the place.  Please check back tomorrow.